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karate class

I got back from my karate class a few hours ago and was to tired to do anything. I'm testing for my blue belt this weekend and so  for the  whole  class we were practicing techniques and things that would be on the test. My sensei decided to be mean and started mixing up the moves so everyone looked crazy trying to figure out what they were doing.  (Although my class is crazy either way. >.>)

We even said that we should videotape the class and turn it into a reality show ...
Our class is interesting, though i'm not sure if that's good or bad ^-^'

I'm also  in the teen/adult class and some of the people from the kids class moved up to this class,which was kinda wierd since in the kids class when they spared they would cheer for the people. So they did that in the teen/adult and everyone else who first started out in the teen/adult class started feeling guilty since we never cheered for each other, but when we started cheering, the other people outside the dojo started complaining about the noise. (assholes >.<)

No matter what I still love my class (sorta) I have to deal with them either way. It makes it easier since i've known most of them since 4th grade, but I also have to put up with them until I get out of High School, since everyone pretty much goes to the same grade- middle schools. Now i'm getting off subject.

Yeah that's pretty much it :) :)