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First Post of the New Year


Yes, i'm a full two weeks late! WOOO!
One of my New Year's resolution was to actually post on this thing for once. So far I don't seem to be keeping up on that one...
But anyway I decided to start today
even though it's about 9 at night because it's Sunday! Which means I have school tommorrow. which means I should be doing the homework I should have done on Friday >.>

Anways I wanted to get atleast one post in before tommorrow!
I should be posting more since a lot of interesting things have happened to me in 2008 like
  • President Obama winning the election
  • Getting a Wii, a nintendo DS, a gamecube, and a ps 2
  • Finding my old pokemon videos, collectables and cards (I LOVE Pokemon!!!!)
  • And finding out i'm going to be moving back to Japan this summer

So i've actually been spending the majority of the time trying to find my old schoolbooks from elementary school so I can basiacally learn the whole language ALL OVER AGAIN!!!! (I'm not going to be living on the base now, so I'm not going to be able to live only knowing a limited amount of japanese anymore >.<). I also need to work on my english grammar while i'm at it. <.<


Since I was born in the year the whole pokemon franchise came out the majority of baby gifts I got were pokemon plushies. One of the first things I remember from my childhood is going to the opening of the pokemon center in Tokyo (although I have no idea what I bought or what I did afterwards.)

So I just wanted to get my first post of the year out of the way before I forgot!
Have a good night day and hope you had a wonderful New Years!!!!!

Now here's a pic of two of my pokemon things I found. The Charmander/Hitokage is from the Osaka Pokemon Center and the Pikachu is a gift from my Aunt when I was about 2 years old.

Good-Bye Now!!!!